When light was invented.

Back when light was invented, in a shower of recycled hearts and borrowed time,

I was an expert at hide and seek

And you were a spotlight.


You, a force – eyes as sharp as stars,

You were never bothered when I stayed inside my own head for days.

You simply sat on my walls

And refused to go unloved,

Your mind taking bites out of the world, with no concept of what it is to be full.


I knew that you needed my quiet.

And every so often, you let me knit you a nest from my fingertips,

To cradle your mind like a quaking bird.


You knew that I needed your pace –

Moving ideas into action, helping me catch alight.

You are all the colours of earth and fire

While I am just water and air.


But you will never know all the words I have written for you,

About how you pick the world apart and sew it back together a million times a day.

About how I feel safe in the way you’re always burning, in the way you strike like a flint.


Say you’ll find me when we’re gone.

Even if there is nothing more

Than just your particles, lying alongside my particles in the dust.

Say, even then, that we will still stir each other

From the sleep of life.




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