You’re a worm in my mind, eating up what’s inside,

Planting threads that lead back to the knot in my life.


In those days, my heart was a lantern. Charged by a new kind of thrill.

Your touch, it was well-rehearsed

And I, well I was young

And I’m still sorry that I didn’t say no.


I let you

I let you lay your dreams over my dreams,

Until no air could get to mine;

And with your hand around my hope

I only learnt to choke.


But your arm around me in the night was an anchor.

Where time got thin, we poked our fingers straight through –

Swapping stories like secrets whispered by children.

Only none of yours were true.


And I, I gave it all, I let all the doors close.

For you offered safety in regret

With only one path left.


And more, more was lost than you could ever give,

Leaving me a life that nobody could live.



You had me sold that you were a breath of fresh air,

But with your hand around my hope

All I could do was choke.




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