I was the sky, You were the land, and She was the sea.

You were the land sat alongside the water

And I, an intangible sky;

Though for you, I did try.


Air gives words the power to caress or to scold,

But what good is a voice with no hands to hold?


And I never looked down at you, darling.

I was only trying to find

The things that you kept hidden,

Things I could not keep inside.


You said there are two types of cold –

The cold of distance, and the cold of force.

In the end, I guess it was action that you were looking for.


And she was forever beating down your door,

Hard to ignore

The weight of a body thrown against yours.


Know that I could have loved you from a distance.

That would have been enough for me.


But she danced around your edges; she could touch you where I could not reach.

And you pushed and you pulled at each other

Like the waves crashing over the beach.


I watched you dissolve into her arms

As she kissed the pebbles at your feet – skin speckled like glitter and dust,

And I knew that could never be us.


But love has always held my eyes open,

Could not turn me from what I can see.

And just often enough for it to matter

You still turn your face up to me.



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