Flammable Heart, Insoluble Soul

We were holding you up, like a shell to our ears

Only hearing the whisperings of an echo of an unreachable thing.


We are all made of something

Easy to mistake sugar, for salt, for grit

Forcing ourselves to dissolve into

Or sink.


You tried, I know you tried

A few times

To slow the sting in the ends of your nerves,


But refined sugar will burn up fast or it will drown;

You didn’t choose to be insoluble in a world of water,


And knitted vessels unravel fast when chased with fire.


Maybe needles make it easier to see yourself through the fog,

Maybe chemicals make it easier to breathe in foreign atmosphere.


You could not pluck at scattered sparks like the rest of us, without going up in smoke.

You could not mix into solution and just be.


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