The first cut

Might not be the deepest

But it is the one

That leaves the first scars


You are that burst

Of fizz

That sounds like nothing else

When you pop open a can of drink


That feeling of cool

Summer evening air

Whipping through the windows

Of cars we drive too fast


And seem to live our lives in.

Hair in our lip gloss

Eyes stinging

Always crying                    for more


You are a tumour

Wrapped around an artery

Rendering you “inoperable”

You will always be in there



The way my skin

Smells like heat

After a day in the sun

Feet in the clouds


You are glossy lips

Plump around

Glistening sugar

Bordered by a frown


The colour and lines

We draw onto our faces

To prove

Our souls are not so smooth


And that feeling

That the liquid in your veins

Is music

As if you never heard it before


You are goosebumps on skin

And not enough clothes

And being in it together

Hands shaking


Ready to die for one another


‘Say we will always be this way’

A tangle of fingers and limbs and danger and hope


And the condensation on the glass

Reflecting off

The glitter in our eyes

As we do it all

For the first time


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